Chairman of the Board

           Born in Karaman in 1961, Lutfi Arslan completed primary school, secondary school and high school college in his native Karaman. He is a graduate of Çukurova University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Economics.

       After completing the college education, Yunus Construction was established as a family company and took place in the construction sector for many years. Lütfi Arslan, who has always been open to new investments with his years of experience and accomplishments, has contributed to his country Karaman and the economy of Turkey with his partners Palm Biscuit Chocolate Cake Gıda San. And Tic. Established.

        Palmiye Inc He is continuing his Business Life as Chairman of the Board of Directors, He is married and father of three children.



Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors



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 Celalettin KAYA

General Manager



         Dear Business Partners and Dear Employees,

         We are proud of the growth of our company Palmiye A.Ş., which we have laid out on April 16th, 2013, with fast and solid steps in a short period of time.

          We have established in Karaman, the capital of biscuits, Palm Biscuits Chocolate Cake Gıda San. And Tic. With its 495 employees, it contributes to the Turkish economy and continues to grow and develop with new jobs. We are trying to grow our export net in a stable manner in line with our targets, we are trying to add new countries to our network, we are taking our place in the sector with new products in a short time by creating a big export network.

          The stability and success of the companies operating in Karaman on the world market has encouraged and guided us. Because of this, we are grateful to all our companies that pioneered the sector.

          The investments we have made in technology and manpower are going on and we aim to increase our capacity with our additional facilities that are being established. We aim to increase the number of kinds of products our sector needs with our new facilities.

          We reach importance to reach to 2023 target and vision, to contribute to Turkish economy and stability by reaching a total of 52.750 m2 land and 32.000 m2 closed area and to grow rapidly and steadily in line with our targets with our new investments.


           We are proud to be a contributor to the growing economy of Turkey with the principle that we have made a significant contribution to quality ...

            Chairman of the Board                                                                                    With my love and respect,

                  Lütfi ARSLAN                                                                                                       06.03.2017